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My first novel: ALWAYS ENOUGH by L. K. Craft (maiden name) . . . The cover was painted by Jiji Lee, an amazing artist and friend.

Jiji, I went back and tag the picture of my novel on Facebook as I want everyone to know that you are the amazing artist that painted the oil for the cover. Throughout the book signings and public meetings, therewere many compliments about the cover . . . it looks so impressionistic. I remember I had lines at the World's Largest Bookfair and when one man finally made his way to buy one, he said, "I had to have this book for it's cover because that's an amazing painting"! . . . A very nice compliment to you, but I assured him the storyline was great too and that the famed KIRKUS Review gave my novel a great tag: 'A MOST REWARDING READ'. . . THANKS SO MUCH for your work on the cover! Many, many people have commented on it!

"To my family and friends, Jiji is the artist that did my novel cover. It has received so many compliments. . . very impressionist looking. Jiji's work is amazing... her murals and creativity is unlimited. She is a wonderful artist. Wish you the best always.